Rehabilitation Society


Society Management Team Health Sciences Campus


TUF Rehabilitation Society aims at being the essential resource for physiotherapiststhroughout their academic degree programme to preparethem for challenges that lie ahead’



Building a strong and inclusivesociety by creating a pool ofhuman resource for rehabilitation andutilization of the intellect ofthe persons with disabilities”


In-charge Dr Maryam Safdar; PT
President Izza Ayub (DPT), Semester:X
Vice President Kanza Farooq (DPT), Semester: VIII
Finance Secretory Ahla Chaudhry, Semester:IV
General Secretory  Kinza Idrees (DPT), Semester:VI
Designer  Alina Tariq Mann DPT-4th Semester


Tough times do not last, tough people do. The main focus of TUF REHABILITATION SOCIETY is to bring ideas that nurture true sense of professionalism. For this purpose, we arrange various activities which help to incorporate leadership skills, team work spirit, self-growth and strong communication skills.


PT WEEK 2017


School of Rehabilitation Sciences in collaboration with TUF Rehabilitation Societyorganized a series of events to celebrate“World Physical Therapy Day” on September 6-8, 2017 in Health Sciences Campus. Following events were conducted during the week


  • A one day Musculoskeletal Screening Program in Health Sciences Campus.
  • A one day workshop on “Movement Based Joint Mobilization; An Overview” by Dr Waseem Javaid
  • Poster/Model and skit competition was held among different semesters of undergraduate students on the topic of “Active for Healthy Life”. Guest Speaker was Dr Shaista Bano; PT



Winners of the competitions were awarded with respective certificates.


Other events that were organized by TUF Rehabilitation Society:


  • World Osteoporosis Day
  • Workshop on “Splinting Techniques of Upper and Lower Limb”
  • World Disability Day
  • Emergency Service Rescue 1122 on “Basic Life Support”




Physical Therapy Day 8th September 2018


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