Cultural Society


The University of Faisalabad plays an important role in developing and grooming personalities of its students. Different societies are being run by the students and faculty members,one of the most important society is cultural society.
Aims and Objective of the Society

Cultural society aims to promote awareness,understanding and appreciation of cultures. It creates a vibrant and dynamic forum for cultural exchange.
Its main objective is to promote the students involvement in activities being held in the university to provide them the plateform where they can show their talent.



How to achieve

We can achieve this by encouraging the students to participate in such activities in their free times in order to provide mental relaxation.
We can also encourage the students by telling how they can polish their leadership,organizational and management skills.




Different topics related to the culture will be assigned to the students. Winners will be awarded by certificates and prizes in order to encourage them.



Rules and Regulations

  • Students can participate either individually or in a team.
  • The performance of the participants should not exceed then the assigned time limit.
  • Performance must be related to the topic assigned by the society.



Society Management Team The University of Faisalabad, Sargodha Road

In-charge Ms Bushra Zahoor
President Bareera Arshad (DRD) Semester: IV
Vice President Meerab (DRD) Semester:IV
Finance Secretory Umme Farwa (DPT) Semester: IV
General Secretory Areesha Haider(BBA) Semester: VI